Topics for this podcast:

*Red Hat puts enterprise cred and bet on OpenStack
*LexisNexis touts open source benefits of Hadoop alternative
*Who doesn't love Hadoop?
*PostgreSQL and its cloud, commercial opportunity
*Our Hosting and Cloud Transormation Summit NA event

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Topics for this podcast:

*Sauce Labs grows with fast Selenium application testing
*MySQL-NoSQL, NewSQL survey and analysis
*Microsoft's Linux love leaves out Red Hat
*Hadoop roundup with Cloudera, Hortonworks and VMware
*2012 Future of Open Source Survey highlights

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Topics for this podcast:

*OpenStack, Amazon, Eucalyptus and Citrix engage in open cloud warfare
*Microsoft spins off new company for openness
*Updates on automation players Puppet Labs and Opscode with Chef
*Percona turns attention to MySQL high availability with XtraDB Cluster
*Open APIs as the fifth pillar of modern IT openness

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Topics for this podcast:

*NewSQL, new company in Akiban
*Discussion of APIs as the 'new' open source
*NoSQL leader 10gen grows, gets more agile
*Our coming report on Cloud Performance Management
*Zimory acquires sones NoSQL development team

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Topics for this podcast:

*Hadoop v1.0 and year ahead
*Oracle-Cloudera deal for more Hadoop
*Oracle's 'Sun spot' with Solaris
*Open Source M&A outlook for 2012
*Our new MySQL/NoSQL/NewSQL survey

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Topics for this podcast:

*Hadoop roundup
-Cloudera Enterprise Hadoop update
-Hadapt combines Hadoop with db analytics
-Informatica grows its Hadoop work
*HP open sources WebOS
*The GPL fade
*Red Hat acquisition targets

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Topics for this podcast:

*Continuent extends MySQL replication to Oracle Database
*CFEngine updates server automation software
*Devops moving to mainstream enterprises
*Neo Technology integrates with Spring
*CAOS report from Hadoop World

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Topics for this:

*Opscode Chef extends to Windows for more enterprise devops
*Black Duck continues growth, gains new funding
*Cloudant expands NoSQL database focus, customers
*The downside of Microsoft's Android dollars
*New open source Web server and vendor Nginx arrives

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Topics for this podcast:

*Our latest special report on 'The Changing Linux Landscape'
*Oracle's Hadoop-based appliance and big-data strategy
*Rackspace's plan for the OpenStack Foundation
*2011 Q3 funding for open source companies
*Red Hat buys open source storage player Gluster

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Topics for this podcast:

*Cloud M&A potential around OpenStack
*Oracle's commercial extensions for MySQL
*Puppet Labs rolls out Enterprise 2.0, hosts PuppetConf
*Basho bolsters Riak distributed data store in NoSQL race
*Our latest special CAOS report, 'The Changing Linux Landscape'

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